Editorial Team

Todd C. Ream
Taylor University

Jerry Pattengale
Associate Publisher
Indiana Wesleyan University

Perry L. Glanzer
Baylor University

Margaret Diddams

Todd Steen
Managing Editor
Hope College

Amanda Benckhuysen
Theology Editor
Calvin Theological Seminary

Heather Whitney
Science Editor
Wheaton College

Mark A. Peters
Book Review Editor
Trinity Christian College

Jamie Potter
Health Sciences Editor
Houghton College

Stacy Keogh George
Social Sciences Editor
Whitworth University

Elaine Friedberg
Copy Editor

Rebecca Hong
Education Editor
Loyola Marymount University

Peter J. Snyder
Business And Professions Editor
Calvin University

Tim Basselin
Film And Popular Culture Editor
Dallas Theological Seminary

Andy Draycott
Theology Editor
Biola University

Kristen Irwin
Philosophy Editor
Loyola University Chicago

Jim Halverson
History Editor
Judson University

Aron Reppmann
Book Review Editor
Trinity Christian College

Carissa Turner Smith
Arts And Humanities Editor
Charleston Southern University